The Devastating Diva.

From Maria Callas to Shirley Bassey, the “Diva” is an essential part of any show.

That’s why the Two and a Half tenors always include the Devastating Diva at every show.

Despite the fact that her identity remains a closely guarded secret, she’ll blow you away with her vocal talents and dazzling stage presence.

“La Divina” – keeping the boys in line and on their toes.

Her equally varied and entertaining repertoire, from opera pops to sassy hits such as “Big Spender” and “O Mio Babbino Caro” or comic hit “Limerick BER Assessor” will have your audience amazed. This sensational soprano will have your venue really buzzing! She’ll raise the roof with her singing, forcing the tenors out of the limelight!


“A female performer, usually an opera singer, who is extremely talented but very imperious and temperamental; she is very professional and has a low tolerance for incompetence. True divas should be treated with respect for their enormous talent and strong will”.